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Learn To Bake

Cooking, we believe is the perfect marriage of art and science and its celebration only takes place when shared among your loved ones. In the light of that notion, Tasty Treat has been generously sharing tips and tricks of baking with consumers through Facebook. We work to build a community with our consumers by engaging with them constructively and catering to their cooking needs and desires. But we have always aimed to stand out among other brands, and hence we have taken a step further and help form a knowledgeable group of people who can master and spread the art of cooking and feel independent. 

Since most of our consumers are housewives, we have begun to help them learn the professional aspect of baking for we believe that such an initiative can raise their confidence and dignity in a country where they often go unnoticed. Without further ado, we have launched a campaign called ‘Learn to Bake’ in 2018 through Facebook and a microsite for registration where the response has been overwhelming; we have received more than 5 thousand applications, out of which we have chosen 150 lucky participants, 30 for each phase, for factory visit of Tasty Treat where they have received hands-on training from expert baking chefs of the company. 

The journey to the factory is accompanied by celebrities of different media who lighten up the occasion by providing music and interesting interviews, hence ensuring that the participants find the entire process a joy ride. 

With day long training on various meals, starting from pizza bun to birthday cakes to what not, in each of the visits so far, the entire factory brimmed with the enthusiasm of the participants and each one of them got introduced to professional techniques of baking, the subtle expert details which make our products taste a class apart from other brands, and most importantly the dos and don’ts of maintaining proper hygiene in the kitchen. We have handed out certificates to the participants to boost their confidence and moreover; in order to facilitate their future, we have guided them about e-commerce in Facebook and now many of them have their own Facebook pages of baking, allowing them to earn from home, making them feel independent and strong in a patriarchal society. Furthermore, some of their signature dishes have also found ways in our outlets where the dishes are named according to the names of the cooks. Besides being a food chain, we aim contribute to our society and by supporting women, we believe we are on the right track. As a matter of fact, thanks to this initiative, we were awarded the ‘Digital Marketing Gold’ for ‘Best Use of Facebook’ by O&Z solutions in 2018. 

The positive feedback we have received from these well-learned women has been a heartwarming experience for us. Needless to say, we are glad to have been a catalyst in transforming the lives of some women but not for once are we content with our achievements; we aim to broaden our reach of sharing love and knowledge through cooking by coming up with more such innovative ventures. 


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Learn To Bake

Nov 18, 2019

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